Please see a quick tour through the ForumPilot features. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images.
Adding Sites
With ForumPilot, you can grab messages from multiple forum sites. To add a new site, select "New Account" from the main menu. Copy/paste the site's page that contains the forums index.
Entering your login info
Normally, forum sites require you to register in order to post messages or access specific text blocks. If you already have an account with the site, enter your login info. Otherwise, leave it empty. You can register later, after adding the site to ForumPilot. You'll be presented with the appropriate link.
Automatic Forum Engine Analysis and Recognition
In the two next steps, the "New Account" wizard will automatically analyze the site and try to recognize the forum engine used.
Currently the following engines are supported: vBulletin, phpBB, Invision Power Board, Ikonboard and Simple Machines Forum.
Subscribing to specific forums
The next step of the "New Account" wizard allows you to select the forums to grab. Normally, a site with forums contain dozens of categories. You can subscribe to the forums from which you want to download new posts.
Downloading new posts
Use the "Synchronize All" button on the main ForumPilot's windows toolbar to download new posts for all accounts or select a particular account and click synchronize.
ForumPilot automatically downloads new posts that appeared in the forums that you subscribed to since the last synchronization check. You can select automatic synchronization time in the ForumPilot options dialog.
Searching the local forum database
All downloaded posts are indexed for fast searching.
Contacting the developers
Please use the Feedback button in the program to send out bug-reports, etc. This will add some additional debug info to your message (e.g. error log).